Early Native Americans

The first Native Americans arrived to the San Diego area between 9,000 and 10,000 cal BP (cal BP is a time standard for uncalibrated carbon dating and begins at 1950 in present time). These dates are from archaeological excavations of middens, trash heaps made up of discarded shells. The Batiquitos Lagoon contains some of the earliest known remains in San Diego County. These people most likely originated from the North, around the Santa Barbara region. The first records of natives living in Santa Barbara date back to about 11,600 years ago.

Evidence supports the belief that the Batiquitos Lagoon was abandoned between 3500 and 1500 BP. The lagoon may have silted up and populations may have declined due to lack of food. The gap in the archaeological record leaves unanswered questions about what happened to the people. The entire San Diego County region seemed to be abandoned between 7500 years ago and before about 1000 A.D

Archaeological Sites


Site Name: Batiquitos Lagoon

The remains uncovered in this site included one burial of a sub-adult female and some remains from a second individual. Also included were shell fragments and various bone fragments that are associated with the burial. These remains are currently at the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History.

CA-SDI-4392A (SDM-W-49)

Site Name: Rancho Park North

This site is one of the earliest known sites in San Diego County. This is a small multicomponent midden located on a 60 to 65m terrace overlooking the Encinitas Creek, and about 4km southeast of the head of the Batiquitos Lagoon. The excavation was about 1.3m deep, and contained ___


Site Name:


Site Name:


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Site Name:

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